Exploring the surf side of the world



It has been a while, but we are back in holland for quite some time now. Being very buzzy with our studies we didn't have a lot of time to update the blog. But we didn't want you guys to miss out on the last bit of our trip, so here it is!

After a great time in Portgal we continued our way into spain. Our goal? Tarifa! both unknown with this famous kite spot we were amazed by the abience. Everything you see is focussed on kitesurfing, wind or watersports. The main street counts an endless amount of kiteshops and schools and the beach is packed with kiters. Next to this we think it is safe to say it is like the Tirol of kiting, with its own apres-kite. There are a lot of bars and restaurants in the town centre with a great vibe. The wind in Tarifa is either westerly (Poniente) or easterly (Levante). The poniente is the weaker of the two, it is quite steady though. The 5 days we were there we had 2 days of poniente and 2 days of levente. Luckily the poniente was good enough (around 18 knots) to have some some. Whereas the gusty Levante can easily reach 40 knots due to the tunneling effect of the straight of Gibraltar.

We have a lot to tell you in this story since Tarifa wasn't the end. On our way back we've hit Leucate in France for 7 days with a group of 18 people. But the group video is still in the making and I don't want to bore you with endless chatter. So we will post that in a few weeks, some nice footage for the colder days!